Invoking Topaz Adjust on a second computer

When I installed Topaz Adjust on to my second computer which is a laptop and open Photoshop CC, Topaz is grayed out. I doesn’t even give me a chance to put any passwords or key codes in. What am I doing wrong?


If your Topaz plug-ins are grayed out in your Filter menu and you can not access them this is caused by one of three things:

  • You do not have an image open. Please open an image and then you will be able to select the plug-in
  • The image must be in a supported color mode, i.e. 8-bit RGB or 16-bit RGB. It won’t work with, for example, grayscale or 32-bit images. So open up an RGB image and it’ll activate in the menu (along with most of the other filters).
  • Please make sure that you do not have an adjustment layer selected.
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It was number 2.

I opened another image and it worked.