Created with Topaz Studio using Basic Adjustment and Precision Contrast. Frame was created with Xara Photo and Graphic Design as was the watermark.


It’s 50 years ago June just passed since I was in Inverness — and that’s how I remember it as I’d disembarked from the overnight train

Very nice scene.

Beautiful …

Very nice capture and PP work. I like how the sunlight was capture on the landscape. If I may make a suggestion… I would place your watermark in the bottom far right corner as opposed to it appearing to be a man in the water?

I thought it was some kind of buoy or marker



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No seriously - I thought it was in the image - did’t realise it was Larry

Just trying to keep my head above water. :grinning:

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Was that before or after the single malt?
Was the water, added sparingly to the malt, of course, sparkling or still, mineral or tap, cold or ambient temperature?

Just After


Larry – thanks – now having VERY great difficulty typing because I’m laughing too much

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Beautiful shot and very nice, subtle processing!