Invalid file type. Image extension is 'tga'

While upscaling older targa files, some open without problem, while others are giving me this error and don’t open:
Invalid file type. Image extension is ‘tga’, but file type extension is ‘cur’.

By change have you renamed these files differently?
It’s possible that you have a cursor in a tga extension

We’ve seen this happen before where someone will randomly name a .NEF file as .jpg and then things break. It could be that you’re having a possible similar conflict.

If you like, we can start a support ticket and see if we can troubleshoot this issue together.

If you can send us a few files, I can test and try to reproduce the conflict. You can securely submit one or two images to our Dropbox. Please let me know if you send something.

v7.1.2 addresses Targa files not opening and should now work

Just tried it.
Works great!

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