Interlaced, no Gaia model

When I select Deinterlace, I’m only getting Dione model. Is there a way to deinterlace and use Gaia?
I’m using v3.0.0

no, you can’t select two models for the same process, you can just select one model by changing the framerate at the same time.

The problem is that I want to deinterlace the video, but the Dione model looks really bad for the video. I’d like to deinterlace the video and use the Gaia model. I don’t understand the limitation.

dione tv and dione dv are bad, qtgmc remains the best for deinterlacing, I use hybrid with qtgmc, it removes a lot of artifacts, and then I use artemis aliasing at first because it smoothes the edges and removes a little noise, without removing details, then I use proteus manually. if I use gaia instead of artemis aliasing, it adds a lot of detail but it amplifies the noise a lot or it gives me strange patterns at times, but try gaia first before artemis aliasing, maybe for your videos, you will have a better rendering.

qtgmc is great. I just wanted to try v3.0.0 deinterlacing. So basically deinterlacing only works with Dione model only? Is this made by design?

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The video I’m trying to figure out has multiple progressive frames followed by a few interlaced frames. But the titles have interlaced artifacts inside the progressive frames. It’s super weird. So I wanted to see if VEAI could sort this out.

I don’t know, your case is special! in any case my sources are hi8 and 8mm cassettes digitized in dv, and dione works badly… it amplifies the artefacts a lot for me and it removes a little detail even if it accentuates the details. for qtgmc, if you leave in slow, very slow or placeboo, it will be fine but it will take away a bit of detail because of temporal denoising, for my part I leave in medium or even fast, it all depends on your source

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My best results have always been to use a separate application to deinterlace video and only provide VEAI with progressive video.

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