Interesting Sharpen AI trick

I found that if the Auto preview update is off and if you don’ change the settings, you can run each of the three functions (Sharpen, Stabilize, Focus) and then compare the previews by just selecting the function and clicking update preview again. The program remembers the output of each one and doesn’t re-process unless you change the slider or move the preview window.


Interesting. Thanks for posting this.

I noticed this during Beta. I suggested that the app build a clickable index of processes it has in its memory so they can be called up at will. There’s plenty of room beneath the main slider window.


This trick is dependent on the size of the image and and the amount of memory on the machine as what is actually happening is that its loading from cache. Cache however is limited by the aforementioned. Results will vary, but in most cases just swapping between the 3 as suggested would work as described. Results may vary…


That partially answers a question I have about workflow with Sharpen AI. Right now, I sent an image from LR to Studio.
When in Studio, I used AI Clear and clicked on APPLY (to commit the results of AI Clear). Then, I called Sharpen AI from the Plug-ins menu. In Sharpen AI, I wanted to try 2 of the modes for sure to see what each would do…this is where I’m confused. As long as I stay in Sharpen, are any changes I make to the image “saved”, are changes that I make in modes or in sliders additive, or does each “Update Preview” start from the beginning. I sometimes want to try out several settings and am not clear on how to do that without going in and out of SAI - and creating many versions of the image. I’ve read the FAQ several times and searched the discussion – it feels like there is no source of detailed usage/workflow info yet on this app.
TIA for any direction you can give me.

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Dianne, if you are going to use AI Clear, I would do that first. It removes noise and will sharpen and remove some aberrations. If the image is still not sharp enough, go to Sharpen AI but be aware that it presently can create some artifacts in some images.

SAI only affects a preview section of an image but if the image is small the preview may be a large area. The sharpening is not applied to the actual image until you click apply. My trick will allow you to see the different effect of each method if you don’t change any settings or move the preview area.