"Interesting Forest Art - Painterly"

This is a painterly version of yesterday’s post on my Facebook page. It was created with Topaz Simplify, Line & Ink (inside of Studio 1.6.10). I realize that not everyone likes this type of photography. And I definitely support and encourage each photographer to create whatever kinds of images express what is deep inside of them. Personally, I am all over the place. Some days I don’t like this kind of photograph at all; other days they express exactly what I am feeling. I would put this one on my wall.


This would look good on my wall. It reminds me of a tapestry. Love it.

I like the results and agree with you about your description of ones personal feelings when creating images.

Ya, it looks like needlepoint. Quite nice. I’m constantly being amazed at what Topaz users are creating.

Great artwork and photography - Jack…

Wonderful work Jack, I think that what TS is all about, creative art work.

very cool work, Jack - I really like it

I could live with this any day.