Intel ARC Support

Hi Intel ARC users,

Thank you for your patience over the last 6 months. We are working closely with Intel to resolve issues with OpenVino and ARC GPU drivers to allow our apps to work better on their devices.

For now, we’ve built a new version of Video AI that uses ONNXRuntime+DirectML to do processing on Intel ARC. We will revert back to using OpenVino as soon as the driver related issues are fixed.

We look forward to your feedback on this build and we thank you again for your patience and cooperation throughout the debugging process.

Please update to the latest pro version of the Intel ARC drivers before installing this build

Downloads: Windows

If you face any problems with this version please send us your logs or videos here.


Someone tested it. How much faster?

These GPUs are driving me nuts, they’ll be back in a box on their way to Amazon by the end of the week if I don’t figure something out…

Since the post mentioned “Pro” drivers I jumped through hoops to get that installed, the beta driver installer works fine, going back to pro is not so easy. I managed but pro divers don’t report info back to external tools correctly and since I had to install them using “have disk” I could not get ARC control installed. I had to go back to beta drivers…

This alpha has some major issue when 1 GPU is selected, all the models I have tried have nasty artifacts in the output and it looks like it’s been downscaled. None of the frame interpolation models work correctly, they either freeze the output or just look like a big blob.

With both GPUs selected it seems like it will work fine, at least when not using interpolation. Then bang, my CPU shoots up to 100%, I get a minifreeze and the export freezes. This system has ran for the past 2 years constantly with TVAI, with 2 watercooled 1080ti’s and a watercooled 5900x. Aparrently this CPU spike is a common problem with these ARC GPUs, it’s all over reddit.

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Not sure what the difference are with the windows version and the Linux beta, but it it possible to get a Linux test version made with these openvino changes? The Linux version has a problem with models on the last beta, it doesn’t have the same intel driver issues as windows does on arc

The video is completely blurred. Speed has also been halved.

Iris has an very weird blur all over, otherwise it seems alot more stable than previous versions.

Frame interpolation is not working for either chronos or apollo. Chronos stops mid way and apollo has weird graphic glitches all over. I will say Proteus is working well but it is going SLOW like 1hr+ (0.9fps) for a minute 1min:28Sec video on this alpha build. It would take 20min max (2.4fps) on 3.1.9 (when it actually processed). I haven’t tried Gaia or the other AI options but i will try some tests soon. Thank you Topaz Team for giving some relief to Arc Cards please keep up the great work. (I’m using a Intel Arc A770 with Intels Latest Drivers

This is the first release of 3.x.x that has actually worked without noping out immediatedly, so that’s good. Trucking along at 0.45spf with Proteus 1080p>4k.

Frame interpolation, however, is not working - like the previous poster, it freezes and cpu spikes to 100% without any progress…
Iris also did not work for me - weird blurring on the output

Pro drivers are for a different type of intel ARC card that isn’t commercially available. That’s why you can’t install it, you’re not meant to.

Is this available for those that are stuck on an older version such as I am with 3.0.12, or only those with an active subscription for this year? If not, will a patch be available so I can have a working version of topaz again?

That’s not true, intel only supplies “pro” and “beta” drivers. Pro is just the stable version. There would be no beta if there were no stable. And I did get the pro drivers to install.

ARC PRO drivers are here

What I think happened is the beta driver tools silently flash the firmware on the card and the older pro installer does not see them correctly

See what I mean, no a770, etc., here. Pro drivers are for their workstation specific ARC GPUs

The driver package for ARC pro cards and retail cards is different with fewer components in the PRO, the driver itself is just the stable or “long term support” driver. Read the release notes
The pro driver itself is just an older WHQL certified driver
The beta driver is newer
The same driver that is “pro” now, was once available for the commercial cards
The PRO driver can be installed and does work for the A770, I’ve done it. Here’s the results…

The beta drivers work like shit on an A770 in TVAI
The “Pro” drivers work like shit on an A770 in TVAI

Unless by telling everyone they need to install “PRO” drivers that Topaz means they need a workstation card and can prove it actually works on an A60, then they should probably remove the line:
Please update to the latest pro version of the Intel ARC drivers before installing this build
…from their notes

They didn’t say you need a PRO card but since they did say you need PRO drivers I made sure to install them before I said it works like shit.

Thank you for your commitment to Intel Arc graphics card users

I’ve been using topaz video ai since the beginning of this year when I started using arc graphics cards, but I’m still not able to use it because the error hasn’t been resolved.

At first, the process seems to go fine, but after a while an error occurs and it stops.

I would like to purchase video ai, but the error prevents me from doing so, so I am using the demo version to test if the error is resolved each time.

Please resolve the error as soon as possible for Intel Arc users, thank you.


Is version 3.1.9 still the only one working with Intel Arc a770 ?
Been testing newer versions and different models with Intel’s most recent drivers (gfx_win_101.4900) and can’t get it to work .

Version 3.1.11 works fine with Intel ARC 770, no Versin 3.2.x is work or V4 but 3.1.11 works fine no matter with Driver is use, so the Problem is Topaz not INTEL

Pretty sure that is the version right before they introduced the Tensor support for RTX GPUs.

not only video killed the radio star, also topaz killed ARC for NVIDIA :rofl:

Which should NOT affect the intel ARC models in any way