Intel Arc + DeepLink + Hyper Compute Support


Since getting my Intel Arc A770 through I’ve been trying to enable DeepLink (Hyper Compute) with my 12700K but I’ve had zero luck in getting it to do so. Has anyone else had any success?

It says at the link it should be automatically enabled but I’m wondering if its bugged or I have an incorrect bios setting?


You updated the BIOS already? Does your motherboard manufacturer even have an updated BIOS for this?

Yeah I have a TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 on Bios 2103. It was released on the 19th October so it’s definitely new. With Intel showing benchmark results on the software I have to presume its in the microcode by now.

DeepLink + Hyper Compute is automatically enabled for supported hardware setup for software that have been programmed to take advantage of this feature. There is nothing you can do to force enable it, or trigger it in any software on comman.

Intel’s websites have inconsistent information re which software support Deep Link. But the fact remains that it is “automatic” when its supported by both hardware and software.