Installer issue when launching update from the application

Two issues, both having manifested with Denoise AI. Not yet sure if they emerge in a similar manner with all three Photo AI suite applications.

  1. Update stops at an error popup. This has now happened twice. After the online installer (around 30MB) has been downloaded and I’ve acknowledged closing the application and starting the actual update installation, I’m greeted with a popup in which the name of the target not being found is garbled. See attached error popup screenshots.

Whenever this error happens, I’ll eventually get past it and get installer running by just repeatedly retrying updating.

  1. Installer UI hangs during deleting rollback directory. If I then click the close button and the confirmation popup about cancelling installation is displayed, the issue is immediately resolved and yet another popup about a completed update is shown. See the screenshots.

You will need to raise a support request at the main website too get this issue you have solved.

Via the discuss icon on the support page… Chat is only available during working hours, Central Time USA, otherwise submit a email.