Install topaz in Photoshop 2021

I have just installed the latest version of PS 2021 onto my mac and it has deleted all of my Topaz plugins.
Denoise AI, AI Gigapixel, Topaz Studio and i cannot reinstall them.

I have tried to download and re install them but they do not show up in the PS dropdown where the plugins should be.
Can anyone please give some advice on how to reinstall them please.

Regards Adrian

Problem solved and i have found them in the Filters drop down box.


Hey Adrian how did you do it? I have the same problem and its not showing in Filters for me?

I re installed the plugins and they appeared in the filters drop down box

If someone has the problem with Windows, they only have to move the .8bf plugins from the plugin folder from 2020 to the one from 2021, a new installation is not necessary.

I remember reading an article from Topaz (date ca. October 2020 ?), “some or all” plugins do NOT work with PS 2021, they were working on it.

  • I cannot find this post anymore
  • would it really be so simple ??
  • or would it be a result of the radical changes Adobe has apparently made (new format, administration of all plugins by Adobe) ??

Excuse my late reply, I just saw someone write.
Yes, it is really that simple, I did it exactly the same way and all plugins are in their usual place and work without any problems.
What may be that you have to log into the plugin again with your Topaz account data.
Why it was claimed (I had read it too) that they would not work in PS 2021 is a mystery to me.

Yes, I downloaded 2 Topaz apps, they did not appear on PS 2021. I closed out PS 2021, downloaded the two apps again (didn’t take so long this time) and they got there under the Filters drop down, thanks.