Install issue (MacOS intel) and small bug with VEAI v2.4.0

So this is frustrating… I am setting up my Mac Pro, clean install. I download all my TopazLabs apps, I subscribe to all of them being a big believer in you guys. :+1:

Video Enhance AI is last because it’s has a V in the darn title. lol

I had installed 6 out of 8 apps, the 7th being Jpeg2Raw which is not BigSur compatible. Now it’s time to install VEAI and oh, look, it DELETED EVERY PREVIOUS APP INSTALLED SRSLY WHYYYYYYYY

I can’t be the only one that has encountered this so why the app feels the need to delete all other apps within the Applications / Topaz Labs LLC folder… no idea. This is of course lame as I just spent 30 minutes installing, configuring, logging in etc.


Side note - small bug with v2.4.0 - if I login at the start and then go to check for upgrade, it logs me out and makes me log in again. After logging in a second time if I try this same pattern again - help / check for updates - once again, it logs me out.