Install 4.2.2 side by side with 5.02

I was able to install a beta version of V4 side by side with a regular release by specifying a different, unique destination folder when installing. Tried the same with 5.02 release, but it removed the installed 4.2.2. without asking.

Is it possible to install two releases side by side, and if it is, what is the recommended workflow?

I have a v2.6.4 and v5.0.2 installed on my system without issue. The newer versions though have some overlapping files so unless they are installed on separate drives I do not think its possible.

that is not enough as the newer versions (v3.x or above) also have overlapping registry entries that would conflict with each other.

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That is not good. I need 4.2.2. for production and would like to test 5.0.2.

Just to be clear. it isn’t my intention to run different versions simultaneously, but one by one.

I wonder why it was possible to install Beta side by side with 4.1.0 ? I had a conversation with Tony on that back then, but can’t find the related posts.

The beta versions are able to be installed as they are self contained, at least that is my understanding. They do not share files or folders with the full production builds.

The closest solution for now would be to install a beta build of v4 alongside the v5 main release.

Video AI versions 3-5 cannot be simultaneously installed because they share the same application name and Program Files directory.

However, a single system can have different versions of one alpha, beta, and main channel release installed at the same time.

Installing this v4.2.2.0.b beta build will not replace v5 and can be used separately from the main app installation:

Thank you for clarifying and for the download link to Thanks to all for trying to help.

Think that installing 5.02 to remove 4.2.2 first and installing afterwards is the right way to have both installed? Suspect that it’s possible to not only install the beta and the main release side-by-side, but also to run them simultaneously?

Does anyone know where I can find the 4.2.2 main release installer for Windows.


Got it. Thanks