Instagram reels compression

Hello, have a problem with instagram reels, I’m tested a lot of variations, how to export and compress video that instagram do not squeeze it, but every time I post always have bad results, maybe someone know how to master it, because I see a lot peoples on instagram posting like 4k video quality I’m try to download reels to see how small video size they have and it’s like 3mb but quality is amazing, how they compress it to 3mb and have so clear output ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

My export settings 1080 x 1920 H264 I try and H265, my file size of 15s video is like 20 mb if I choose to get lower the quality is totally bad, I filming with lumix s5ii and pls don’t tell me about “high quality upload button” thanks if anyone answer this post!

The uploaders are not the ones compressing video down to a small size, Instagram is doing the compression on high quality uploads.

TVAI doesn’t have any good output options for uploading to any social media. Output to something as lossless as possible.
Use HandBrake to encode to H.265. Disable GPU encoding. Set CRF to something like 20 to 23. Set the profile to Slow or Slower. This will give you the smallest video at the best quality possible. If it still gets re-encoded once you upload it, well that’s just foolishness on their part.