Infuelcing re-sharpening using SD basics

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Question: Using HD Basis I can select Proteus etc. -
AND there is a tab ‘Parameters’, where you can manually influence individual
you can manually influence individual parameters such as re-sharpening.

I have downloaded the test version, put in old SD
material from 1983 (VHS PAL).
Suddenly I miss the possibility to manually influence parameters – and I can no longer select
Proteus etc., but only Dione.

The result did not convince me 100%.
The newly calculated output file seems over-sharpened to me. But how can I influence the
the re-sharpening of my input material?

Many thanks for an answer, Peter

probably because your video is interlaced , so you only got dione as on option.
you can Dione it (Dione: DV) at the same resolution, then you can import the output back into Topaz and use the other proteus favorite settings of your to upscale.
Or de-interlace your video 1st in “Hybrid” free tool and then import it into TVAI for upscaling.
both options are good.

VHS is built on interlacing.
From my testing, one of the Dione models applies more sharpening than the other, between TV and DV. Don’t remember which one though.

Hi there! When you enable the Enhancement model, you will need to select Progressive instead of Interlaced. Next, choose Proteus Manual. You can click on Estimate to see what the app thinks are the best settings for your file and you can increase and decrease from there :slight_smile:


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Forgot to mention. it is more noticeable when exporting at the same resolution, Dione: DV if bay far sharper. when upscaling (in my testing x2) it becomes much less of a gap between the two. no idea why the Dione works like that.

…thanx a lot!

…thank you