Infrared ... is it Keeping it Natural ...? In Suburbia

I believe so that it is as it is the infrared light captured … This image was shot on a FijuFilm X100T with a 720nm filter on the lens. The results are nice but the addition of the IR Filter means you really need a tripod shot as the light is restricted to 720nm and above.

Technique is quite simple, shoot with a Monochrome (B&W) Red filter simulation in camera and set the White Balance to the lowest possible setting, in this case 2500K. You can also use the RAW for a false color emulation by switching the Blue & Red channels but because the filter is only 720nm light and above there is very little color left except for magenta.

B&W in camera … certainly provides a different result.


Forgot to mention that you can also set the white balance to a picture of green foliage … but without the IR filter on.

Other thing is that by using the Channel Mixer in this way:

You can create the following ‘false’ color IR:


This is lovely Don. I prefer the first w/no color.

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