Indian girl

This is a very cute Indian girl.


Beautifully done

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Dude, you’ve got the workflow down. Sweet!

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Very nice result… the only thing I would suggest is to maybe eliminate the black lines around her nose … just a thought?

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Sweet … but I would soften the effect on her face.

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Totally agree. Love the processing except for that dark line.

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John, Don and Kathy, I value your evaluations and I will correct it as you have suggested. I was testing a comic technique. Thanks to all of you. She has a slight pug nose. I like this version better than the first one.


lovely portrait - version 2 especially

Love the second version. :thumbsup:

love it … beautiful.

This is a spectacular photo! I love the light, color and the expression. The second image is my favorite. The softer processing on facial details seems ti work better.,


Thanks to everyone…

What a beautiful face this young lady has…your processing is superb.

Cartoonish effect OK.

Personally, I like the original oil painting, “Her New Necklace” by Alfredo Rodriguez, somewhat better.

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