Indian Dancer

Indian dancer dressed as Kokopelli. Artwork done in Affinity Photo and Topaz Studio.


Very cool …

Very interesting, colorful processing!

Great job on this. Our Native Americans make for colorful, enchanting captures.

Great image, colors and painterly style. I’ve been thinking of buying Affinity Photo instead of using Photoshop… what are your thoughts about it? Would you recommend it?

John, I used Photoshop for years but it is a subscription service which I canceled this year. While Affinity is not quite at the Photoshop level it is very good and has some outstanding features. I had a bit of frustration learning how to save new brush settings (for example) and one strange thing that there is no “hide selection” button. You can click delete selection but have to use key presses to restore selection. It also has settings for each brush to use for control by pen pressure, random, etc. Overall, It’s a great photo program for $50. The website explains a lot.

I want to add that you can use Topaz as a plugin but when adding the directory in Preferences be sure to check the “unknown” box.

Thanks @Artisan-West for the reply and info. I had checked out their website and find that it may be a good replacement for PS from what I read.

Have you checked out the AP forum… there may be someone there that can provide an answer to your questions?
I also see they have a workbook that explains the program and a keyboard cheatsheet.

What directory preferences are you talking about, in AP or Topaz? Is this info related to Mac or Windows or both?

Thanks again for all your advise.

Affinity Photo (AP) preferences. You add a folder to a list for it to grab plugins. Serif (a British company) apparently hasn’t heard of Topaz Labs.

Thanks @Artisan-West… but from what I heard I can’t access Topaz plugins on a Mac? I see you are a Windows user and heard this is only possible to do on Windows?

I’m using Windows so I don’t really know about the Mac version.

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Thanks, I’m looking into it.