Incomplete install of Mask AI

I attempted install of Mask AI. The install did not complete. It is not listed in my list of Windows apps and I have no icon on my desktop. I attempted to re-install but the installer says there are already files in the folder and if I attempt to re-install, the install may fail. There are, indeed, files in that folder. So…install was incomplete. I have no way to uninstall the partially installed program.

Windows 10 64bit

Decided to rename the file and try another install:

Program Files/Topaz Labs/Topaz Mask AI renamed to: Topaz Mask AI FAIL

On re-trying the install, all seems to be working; program opens and is listed as a Windows App.

I have no idea what happened on the first install attempt.

All the installer will do is delete the folder before installing.

Well…my problem was that it DID NOT delete that folder.

There has to be a reason the install didn’t complete, look in the Event Viewer for the information. And note that renaming the folder will put your registry out of synch with the folders on the disk, you would have been better off to just delete it if it didn’t install, that could have been tested by clicking on the exe.

When I originally tried a reinstall, there was no option to do an uninstall. I was worried that deleting that folder would screw things up with the registry.

Now, the Mask AI program is working AND I have an option to do a program uninstall.

The renamed file is still there; I can delete it and then do an uninstall followed by reinstall but is that really going to fix anything that does not seem broken?

Did you look at the entries in the Event Viewer to see what the issue with the install was?

Can you tell what specifically I should be looking for? And, in what section of Event Viewer I should look?

FWIW, I believe the installation issue occurred around mid-October 2019.


Sorry…misnamed that file DXO related. It is also TOPAZ related.

That isn’t anything to do with installs and in fact what you sent is about DxO and Sharpen AI and is a notification by there OS that a memory intensive process is running that may cause a problem.

What you should be looking for is an installer failure which will not refer to Mask AI but the actual install.

I would also suggest that if this type of thing happens again you raise a support request at the Topaz Labs main website.


The same type of error message (pertaining specifically to Topaz Mask AI) is at the bottom of the file I attached and you referenced.

It is precisely because I did not know what to look for (and where) that I sent you the wrong type of information. Because you still did not give me exactly what I need to look for, I still do not know.

Further, I did write directly to Topaz Support with the same information I provided here; after the re-install, I followed up with the simple way I resolved the problem. The email response I got from the support personnel: “Awesome! Glad you got it resolved. I’m going to go ahead and close your ticket, but if you need anything else, please let me know.”

So, now that I have spent time looking around Event Viewer, I have not learned anything and have only a vague feeling that there may be a problem at some point.