Inability for Topaz AI to read Nikon raw files

[Using Topaz AI in LR Classic on pictures taken in September 2022 using Nikon Z9 - almost none of these picture can be processed via Topaz AI - It says they are unsupported files. The files can be converted to DNG and then Topaz can deal with them

This should only be a problem for High Efficiency compressed Z9 files. We will be working on adding support for them in the future. For now the only Z9 files that work are ones without proprietary compression formats.

Can you please specify the term adding support “in the future”?
I solely bouth this product recently, to work on my (compressed) Nikon Z9 files.
Having to convert the files to another format before using Topaz is an awkward way of working.

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I just found your post. I was processing some photos from this weekend where I had both z7 and z9 raw files. I had no problems with my photos until all of a sudden I received the “Image is no supported”. I realized that this was Z9 file in HE* and so I searched to find if Topaz was incompatible. Your post confirms this. I’m a little disappointed since Topaz has had about 16 months to work on compatibility. I agree with you that converting to DNG is a nuisance if you are working with large numbers of photos.

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Agree. I just returned from a safari with 12.500 photos. The workflow is not ‘optimal’.

The RAW processor used does not support HE RAW, you can check on the LibRAW a website to see when they expect to do so as they state “ HE/HE* formats are not supported yet”.

Until then the option with any products that use LibRAW is to shoot in the Nikon RAW format.


the program works on my Z7 files, but does create undesirable sharpening halos on a snap I had already converted to Tiff while one without contrast challenges converted directly from NEF turned out reasonably good. Having as usulal used a non-Nikon lens (hence with no coorection data in the raw file) did not cause any problems.


I am also interested on Nikon HE compression support. What is the timeline for this support?

Topaz won’t know because they use a third party open source library called LibRaw, and the developers of this generally don’t give timelines for specific camera support.

I wouldn’t expect support for HE compression anytime soon based on their update cycle.

I have the same issue with my Z9 files and Z8 files. Looks like Adobe Lightroom has a very good noise reduction engine now and the work flow is much better in Lightroom as it is my go-to library. I enjoyed using Topaz very much and am a big fan, but not big enough to spend many more additional hours. I sincerely hope Topaz will put more priority on this.

ayer 8 marzo 2024 pague 220 dolares por Topaz y me encuentro que no me abre los archivos Nef. de mi Z9 .
indignado, me parece absurdo