In Topaz Video AI is there any way to edit a processed video

Is there any way I can go back and re-edit an exported clips settings that appears on the output list?

So for example I have already exported a clip but I want to go back and trim the videos start and end by a few frames. Plus I want to keep the settings and the re-export replacing the same file name.

Not 100% clear on your intention, but it sounds like VirtualDub is the tool you’re looking for. Trim your frames and save to a lossless codec like ProRes and you’re in business.

I was using a filter/options which morphed between 2 shots which was not intended. So I was wondering if I could simply choose the exported settings and trim the in and out rather than start from scratch again.

I know there is the option to ‘Process again’ but I was wondering if I could amend/edit it first?

Hi @paul.coull this is currently not possible, however, this is a great idea! I will move this to the “idea” section of the forum :slight_smile: