In my opinion, free avisynth gives better result that paid VEAI

I swear I get much better results with denoise-Deblock -> nnedi3_rpow2 -> smart sharpen then I ever did with video enhance ai. Also, the texture artefacts on Gaia hq are annoying af

Depends on source quality, source content, and model used.

VEAI is also meant to improve low resolution videos. If you’re trying to get it to clear up 1080p content then it wont do nearly as good a job as upscaling and clearing up 720p and lower content.

It also doesn’t make any sense the VEAI is creating more visual issues than it could potentially resolve. If this is the case then make sure you’re on the latest Nvidia studio drivers. If you’re on AMD or for some reason are using your CPU then you’re probably SoL.
Unless it’s animated content. The models were trained on lifelike content and will never yield good results for animated content. For that you need to be taking a look at ESRGAN and the specially trained models by the community.

If you really care then share the source file you’re trying to improve and the results you’re getting in comparison to avisynth.

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