Impression v2.0.5 hangs after Intel HD graphics update

  1. Windows-10 auto-update (pestered until I gave in)
  • Studio graphics goes wonky
  • Jpeg2Raw graphics is wonky on initial install
  1. Update Intel HD graphics driver
  • Studio graphics now happy
  • Jpeg2Raw graphics now happy
  1. Impression v2.05 now hangs on initial start-up (lots of graphics wonkiness)

It isn’t a bug if it was caused by a OS update, I’m not sure what the status is with the Impression plugin because impression is part of Studio so I would use that or raise a Technical Support request.

Remember though it may no longer be supported because it is now a legacy product.

Or, if you have a alternative GPU on your PC, try switching the GPU.

“Isn’t a bug…”

Don, I wouldn’t be the first one to say that sometimes your pedantic
hair-splitting can be quite tiresome.

a) I have opened a support ticket; however, this “bug” forum is, among
other things, to let others know about problems. Close your eyes and
pretend the forum is named “Issues”.

b) Yes, I know Impression is a legacy product; Impression within Studio hangs, too.

c) You also told me not to post on Facebook as well and yet someone
replied that the Intel HD graphics issues have impacted thousands, if
not millions, of users.

Try not to be such a thread tyrant.

BTW, I have other GPU-enabled photo apps (eg FastRawViewer) that are working as expected; no issues. So far, the only apps that I have observed issues with are Topaz Labs apps (including Studio).

Really I would call it a bug with the Intel driver.

First mention in this thread.

And it doesn’t matter if you post on Facebook as you are unlikely to get technical support there, which I assume you want. There isn’t anything mentioned about Facebook in this thread except by you.

Thirdly I recommended you get support because it, both versions of impression, work on my HD630 and Nvidia GTX 1050.