Impression - updating - how to please

I cannot get new version of impression working with studio.
In studio all that happens is impression starts to load but never actually loads.
Frankly a better updating system is needed from inside studio.
It keeps on saying invoking impression but does not suceed.

Impression 2 is an external Plugin to Studio, the Impression Adjustment is part of Studio and is the updated version. If you already owned Impression and don’t have access to the Pro version of Impression Adjustment in Studio please raise a Support Request at:
Studio will not answer with ‘invoking impression’ if you are using the adjustment, it should look like this:

David, as @AiDon has mentioned, Impression in Studio is not invoked from the Plug-ins menu, which is what it sounds like you’re doing. In your case, you’re trying to load Impression 2 from the Plug-ins menu, rather than actually using the new version of Impression. You will notice that AiDon’s screenshot shows Impression in the Adjustment panel. This is because Impression In Studio is now an Adjustment. Click Adjustments → Impression, to access the newest version of Impression.

For the full update notes, please see this article, which explains how to access the new version: