Impression in Studio trial

Is there a trial for Impression In Studio?

I had a trial version of the Impression plugin. I then purchased Studio Pro which I thought was supposed to include Impression. But Impression never worked in Studio Pro. After a couple weeks of no response from support Topaz refunded my payment for Studio Pro. ( I know they claim they are really busy, but some kind of response would have been great. )

So, I thought I would get just Impression, but it looks like it only comes in the Studio version. My concern is that if it worked OK as a plugin, but wasn’t working in Studio Pro, will it work in just Studio? Not sure what the difference is between Studio and Studio Pro.



User explanation - If you own Impression…It will appear as a Specialty item in Studio. Studio is like home base, it is free and includes some basic Adjustments. Within it, you have access to whatever other plugins you might already own that have not yet been migrated to Studio as Impression has. Upgraded plug-ins now appear under the Specialty heading. Studio Pro Adjustments a collection of individual adjustments that can be purchased individually Pro Adjustment versions provide additional functional ability that may be similar to what is included in a full plug-in but I guess you would consider them “light” versions, they do not include all of the functions that are included in the original plug-in but for someone who doesn’t already own the original plug-in, it gives them the ability to purchase only the functions they want or need at a much lower price than the full plug-in cost would be.

There is no Studio Pro, but there are pro level adjustments that give you access to all the features of that adjustment. If you have trialed the pro version of Impression already and want to trial again please contact support and you can no longer buy the Impression plugin.

Be warned though that Impression is GPU intensive and you MUST meet at least the minimum requirements listed here and have the latest drivers update from the GPU manufacturers website installed…

So, I’m guessing the issue must be the GPU. I have a laptop with a Quadro K2200M. The support page doesn’t explicitly say it is supported or not supported. And I don’t know if it falls into the category of “better” of the supported ones listed. It meets the RAM requirements.

The frustrating thing is, is that the Impression stand alone plugin worked just fine. Why would they make changes that would now exclude users for which it had previously worked. I guess it is just my bad luck that between the trial version/period and the time I decided to purchase it they switched to the Studio version only and the stand alone is no longer available.

I had gone through the push-ups to ensure the latest drivers were installed to no avail.

That may be your issue, the best option you have is to raise a support request (link on this pages header) an ask them about the support for the K2200M as it is a maxwell architecture GPU.

I did raise a support ticket that Impression was not working for me in
Studio, but it sat there for over two weeks and nary a response :frowning:

Topaz was kind enough to refund my purchase of the “Go Pro” bundle of
Studio (without hassle or questions I might add), but I will raise a
ticket and ask specifically about support for K2200M.


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