Impossible to custom scale in Gigapixel 7.0.3 and wrong input size image

Hello, Like in previous version 7.0.2. It is impossible to custom scale image, my only choice is x2 . And the input size of the image is wrong

Here is a 130 cm width image and not a 44.09 cm as seen on screen.
But the result of an x2 process give me a correct 260cm image…
The problem is new since 7.0.0 update
thanks in advance

I just checked mine, and I can do custom scales either by using the width button, or by typing in the decimal multiplier in the rectangle on the right of the scale list.

You can type in a custom scale in the box beside the preset scale options.


However, it will not let you keep upscaling past our maximum file size which is 32k pixels on the longest side and 2 GB. So, if you can’t go any higher, check your file size.

In this case I want to go less than 2 such 1,5, but each time I can not type it. But it work perfectly for x2. and don’t work at all if I put the perfect size such 150cm…
Size here is 135cm I want 150 cm … It don’t do it … but work fine x2 for 270cm…

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Perhaps it doesn’t understand the equivalence between 1.5 and 1,5?

No, I try both and all was fine before 7.0.0

Hmm, it’s working on my end. Could you reach out to Support for further assistance on this?

Can I make a simple and quite obvious suggestion. Why not have a simple box in which you type the scale you require. Any limits can be stated next to the box. Leave out the set of fixed ratios altogether.

There is actually a box that allows you to input custom scales. :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 10.41.15 PM