Important Suggestions and Feedback

  1. Why is your Topaz video 3.0 software, I use (H265Main) and (H265 main 10) to export at about 30m bit rate, while using (H264 high) to export at 100m bit rate? I need to export more lossless bit rates from h265, which should be VBR variable bit rates. Although h265 is an upgraded version of h264, I need lossless bit rates instead of fixed bit rates. I use h264 to export automatic lossless bit rates, sometimes 70-100M bit rates. Is there any more advanced coding, such as (H265 high) or (H266 coding). Although vp9 is free coding, it is not compatible with many devices and is not universal, My 100-inch TV doesn’t support vp9 encoding. Later update (h265 high) or new code (h266)
  2. Why do I use Topaz 2.6.4 to interlace 60 frames for rendering? Can’t call back the original frame rate of the film source? Topaz 3.0.XX version can adjust back to the original frame number. Is it necessary to use 60 frames for the interlaced model?
  3. Why can’t some movie sources be rendered, and the wrong program can’t render. I use the h262 encoding of the original DVD disk, and the vob file can’t be rendered in the latest version of 3.0.12, while the old version of 2.6.4 can be rendered? Does it support copying flac, wav, CD and pam lossless file audio encoding and export?
  4. Why are your pages lagging behind? The 2.4.6 version has a square chart comparison, while the 3.0.12 version does not have a square chart? Is there no model? History function backward? Can we combine the functions of version 2.6.4 and version 3.0.XX. Why 2.6.4 can only be compared under the same resolution and different model algorithms, and does not support the comparison of different resolutions and different models.
  5. Your two Chrome algorithms are not very friendly to fonts. Although the Apollo algorithm is very good, I will be prepared for better Apollo algorithm in the future. For example, the RIFE algorithm and GMFSS algorithm of Chinese software SVFI. Another algorithm is also a Chinese app called (Youku), which belongs to (Alibaba) company. Its technology is (frame sharing). The technical principle is that (Alibaba Cloud computing+Dharma Academy algorithm) can learn the frame filling and frame inserting algorithms of these two. I need better algorithms. You try to achieve world-class software, and the Gaia HQ V5 model is the best. Will you update this algorithm model in the future? How often? Will the frame insertion algorithm also be updated? How often?
  6. And where is your CRF value? Is it missing?
  7. I hope that the interpolation and frame repair algorithm and the hyper-division repair model will be better. I have been using them for several months since you launched the software, and I really appreciate the AI technology of the first question.
  8. Why do I render the interlaced video (Duone) model with 2X FPS? Do I have to force me to make up to 60 frames when rendering this? The original film is about 25 frames, the same in 2.6.4 and 3.0.
  9. Some videos have 2-3 seconds of image crash on the Apollo frame insertion algorithm. After changing players, devices, and mobile phones, it’s your Apollo algorithm problem
  10. Please answer each of my questions. I need every answer very much. I am a fever and HD enthusiast. I have been using your software for many questions. I appreciate you very much and support your software.

All of these questions have been asked by others. Most have answers that go much deeper and become more complicated than you expect. Please, feel free to search this forum.


One small suggestion I’d like to put out there: It would be very helpful if the text on the Preview/Export line in the GUI was in a slightly larger font. Using my current hi-res monitors, the text they contain is nearly impossible to read.

Please make them a few points larger…