Import from Topaz AI to Lightroon Classis disorganises the Grid View

When I “send” a photo from LrC to Topaz AI and then import it back, both the original and the new DNG are placed at the end of the photo folder I am using. Also, the grid view settings are altered. For example, in my workflow I select photos with Star ratings. All photos are rated 2* and the pre-discards are given 1*, and I choose to view only the photos with >2*. After importing from Topaz, all photos, including 1* show up, and in an a random order. The way things are now, after import I need to tell LrC to show only >2* again, which restores the photo organisation prior to import, but I still have my original and imported photo at the end. Hope this description makes sense. Is there a solution for this?

If the “folder” is an album the returned image needs to be added.

If it is a folder on the disk, you will need to select the correct sort order. You may want to check on the Adobe forums to see what you can do.

Thank you but I think I think you missunderstood. I have the photos in my LrC folder sorted the way i want. The problem is that after exporting to Topaz and re-importing, that sorting order is altered and the original and iomported are placed at the end. Are you saying this is a LrC not a Topaz issue? The alteration is “caused” by the Topaz import…

Because you get a image returned with the DNG extension it will either appear immediately before the original RAW if the original extension starts with >D or before if <D.

Check that it appears correctly in the folder on the disk.

If it does just apply the Sort again as it is a LR sort and not system or Photo AI. All Photo AI is doing is returning a processed image to the folder on the disk.