Implementing a Topaz filter element into a video in Photoshop

When I add a Topaz filter to a video, during the rendering process the PS interface blinks on and off, and the finished video shows colors blinking on and off. PS looks like it is jumping in and out of Topaz during the video rendering. I tried several Topaz filters, all had the same issue. Note here: This does not happen with PS filters. - Is there a work around for this issue? - Using a 2011 iMac, OSX 10.12.5, PS cs6, video file mp4 H.264 - Thank you!

Best method to convert to video in PS is to render the video into frames (i.e. all to jpeg) then batch process using Topaz; and I use a free video renderer named VDub to join all those processed jpegs back into mp4. But that’s just me :smiley:

I like your approach to this, Jack…… Trying to do this… I record the action, save it and stop recording. But batching says Topaz Simplify 4 is not available. Not sure if it is not available, or I am missing a step…

Topaz Plugins do not readily adapt to being used in Photoshop Actions, so it is extraordinarily difficult to batch process