Images from my New Sony Alpha a7 II Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm Le

Hi, back again. Here are a few test shots with the new camera! I also shot my daughter’s indoor volleyball game, for the children’s privacy consideration, not posting. But the sports mode came through just fine, was able to “freeze frame” serve sequences. The teapot shot was taken indoors, late in a very rainy afternoon, with nothing but window light, hand held. There’s a SCN mode for potential hand shake that spikes the ISO and also takes 4 images, and then stitches them together. I think this was at 1200 ISO, and doesn’t look noisy at this size. The bird picture was shot in aperture priority. I tweaked these a bit in Topaz, to make the teapot as accurate as possible, to add drama to the palm leaf by shifting the color, and to heighten color contrast in the landscape to get more contrast between the birds and the water.

It was a fun shopping experience. I was able to purchase locally at an area camera shop for the same price as Best Buy or Amazon. For anyone in the west palm beach, FL area, saw Mike at PRO Shop for Photographers. The deal in Nikon, Canon, Sony and Leica. Regarding the dust comment above, one of their services is free sensor cleaning for their camera customers. Really great to go into a photo store and talk with people who know the equipment backwards and forwards…After I purchased, came across this DP Review article, that puts DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras together for comparison::

I read the manual from cover to cover, the manual only described the buttons and feature names. Bought an additional book on the camera, which is helping. For example, the camera has Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto modes. Both sound great, right? But what the heck is the difference? The additional book clarifies those kinds of questions. It is a fairly steep learning curve to truly understand every nuance of this camera, I think it will be at least one additional book and a few month of practice. Anyone who has done a deep dive on DSLR or mirrorless in the past will probably acclimate more quickly. I have a good background in film photography, not so much in digital.

Also searched up some great youtube videos, which I would recommend doing for any camera. The camera is a nice size, I could see carrying it around almost as much as a point and shoot. So far, looks like it’s going to be great for my specific needs, and budget. Will probably add a flash and a 50 mm lens soon.


These came out great …good luck with your new toy.

Enjoy the toy — and don’t forget to share some images!

Great photos - looks like you are already having a lot of fun :smile: