Image Zoom - The "Fit" algorithm seem to need some work

Studio 1.5.3
27" 4K monitor @3840x2160 resolution.
Image displayed is 4128x2322 pixels.

Studio leaves a lot of empty (useless) “canvas” space around the displayed image.

Trying to fit to the larger available space using the “Fit” button to zoom it, and it locks as the same. Small(ish) image in the middle with lots of wasted space in the editing area.

The Fit algo seems to think that this image/size, when “fitted”, should be displayed at 57.6% (as shown in title bar) .
If I manually use the Zoom controls to actually fit the image to the available editing space (maximize editing space, while seeing the entire image), an actual “fit” arrive at around 83.2%, displaying the image much larger, obviously.

Of course, these percentages depend on image size and monitor size. But it seems that the “Fit” algorithm isn’t quite capable of figuring out how to “fit” an image to available space. :slight_smile:

You need to raise a Technical Support request, note that the fit procedure relies on the size of the image display window and not the monitor size.

It would help if you had uploaded a screenshot of the display on your monitor. The computer symbol with the up arrow is used to upload an include a image in your post.

I am confused. I thought I opened this in the “Product Bugs” category, not in the “Product Support Request” forum category?

What is the purpose of the forum’s “Product Bugs” category, if not to report bugs?

I have no plans to report everything in two locations. Double the work.
I’ll be happy to report all bugs into the formal Tech Support system instead. I did not because I do not expect anyone to call/email me, as it is not a question with an actual answer possible (other than fixed in 1.6.x). :slight_smile:

I snapped screen shots before opening this post. Will add them for thread.

Random test image with Fit engaged - Topaz shows viewing @57.6% after clicking “Fit”.
Notice all the free unused work-space area.

Random test image after manually zooming to fit the work-space - Topaz shows viewing @83% would have been a more appropriate “fit”. If I click the automatic “Fit” after this manual “fitting”, it will again drop in size as shown above.