Image size

I upgraded to Gigapixel 7 and I use it as a plug in. After the resizing and the file goes back to photoshop, the image size Width 1 inch, Height 1 inch, and the resolution is 1 pixel. I never had this problem with Gigapixel AI.

Please help, or I’d like a refund.

This is often reported when loading images into Photoshop after processing via Topaz applications. This might not necessary be Topaz’s fault. If the next application will not care about the metadata included it will look like that. At least the shown pixel size in width and height should aways be shown right because those are the only reliable data you get from an image.

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I am able to reproduce the issue of the 1px resolution but not able to reproduce the Width and Height changing.

Can you tell me which version of Gigapixel 7 you are using?

Our dev team is aware that version 7.1.0 has this issue and working to resolve.

Can you update to version 7.1.3 and verify if this is still a recurring issue?

If not, please let us know.

However, you can start a Support ticket with our team directly and we can communicate more directly to help troubleshoot.