Image previews are cut-off

I thought this was only happening on ios, but it is also happening on Mac OS. Since the upgrade, all landscape images are being cut-off on the right-hand side, the only way to see the full image is to open it in a separate window. Is this something that can be corrected in preferences or is it a glitch?

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Apparently the Forum has “gone all Pinterest” because it looks better on Android and iPhones! You must click the Landscape photos to get the full effect.

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I really don’t like it. It makes this forum unsuitable for the majority of images. I guess Facebook is the best bet now for photos leaving this one for textual stuff. Just have to see how it pans out but I don’t see this as a progressive step.

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Ah ha! Is that it. I never read these things on phones. And never use Pinterest or gnl social media.

What happen to little pictures in the topics. I hate that I have to look at all the topics to see the pictures of the users.
It looks like …


I don’t know why they moved this (my) post to this one which has nothing to do of pictures that landscape are cut off.
My post has a problem that I don’t see small preview pictures (Thumbs) next to the post.
If they don’t fix the problem that like it was in previews version then there is no sense to be here.
I don’t want to open every single post to see what it is. IS JUST WAIST OF TIME…

This post by @russelltarpley may help with your concern.