Image information inside Photo AI

It would be helpful…useful… to be able to see the image’s information directly in Photo AI (ISO, FNumber, etc.). Maybe using a shortcut like Ctl-I and have a window opening with the info.

@robert.pigeon That’s an interesting suggestion.

What would be the use case for this? Are you wanting to see the difference in the image data for before and after processing with Photo AI?

It would be helpful to show the resolution of an image after import. I often have to go to upscale to see the original resolution. Then turn upscale off. Unnecessary steps.

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What I’m thinking is to be able to see information on the photo from inside Photo AI so I could see, for exemple the ISO used so I can tweak the denoising or adjusting the blur (or unblur) seeing the FStop used. Now we must open the photo in explorer and look at the info then come back.
Well just a suggestion :wink: (maybe I’m just a bit lazy :man_shrugging:).

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Thanks for the suggestion!