Image Goes Dark after Processing

Using current model 1.2.10 and 1.3.0 today and found an odd thing happen. I pulled my files from my Samsung S22 into Lightroom and then used the File Plug-in-Extras method to run Photo AI. When the file opened in Photo AI it appears to be normal and I allowed it to process using the automatic settings. When the file completed processing and went back to Lightroom it is very dark…nothing like what I saw in Photo AI . I tried this on several other files all with the same result.
Next I sent the original into Photoshop and then used the Filter method to push the file into Photo AI and found that the file processed normally with no dark anomaly. Very odd.

I’m not sure if this will help but sync the settings from the original to see it that brings it back.

It may be an issue with Expert RAW from Samsung.

:frowning: hanks for the tip. This morning I took three pictures, one using the camera app that comes with the phone, one using Expert Raw which I think is the Samsung Camera App and one using Lightroom Mobile. Pulled all three into Lightroom then pushed them out to Photo AI via the File Plug-in-Extras. All three processed as expected inside Photo AI and looked normal but when processed and sent back to LR the one taken using Expert Raw was noticeably darker and not what I saw in Photo AI. Meaning if I use Expert Raw which is actually a nice app I will not be able to use the Plug-in-extras method…I’ll have to push the file to PS then use the filter method…:frowning:
To add to the weirdness…I took a picture using the Expert RAW app then pulled the picture directly into Photo AI. The source photo had dimensions of 3000x4000 and the file size was 24.2Mb. I processed the photo using automatic settings…it appeared to process normally but when I opened the file to compare the two files…it was not darker but the file dimensions were now 192x256 and 68 Mb. I do not recall having this issue with previous versions of Photo AI but this tells me that I will need to pull all the Expert RAW files into PS and use the Filter method or stop using it all together and just use LR Mobile…:frowning:

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