IG vs YT

I did a test with Youtube and Instagram.

I did upload a short video i did some time ago.

On IG at my Nature Profile i’ve 66 Followers (i post now and then images), the Video was watched 85 times and did get 2 likes.

On my YT Profile i’ve two Followers (i dont realy post anything useful there), the Video was watched 404 times, i did get 8 likes and one technical question.

For me, this small evaluation is important to see where I get the most feedback with what effort, and where I want to continue to invest time.

When I think of IG I have psychological disorders in my head, a platform that shows me counterfeit money and drug advertisements as well as advertisements from other photographers or people who want to show me how to lose money to them as quickly as possible and lots of garbage.

When I think of YouTube, I have a box in front of me that always shows me something interesting, if the algorithm gets out of control and shows me more and more things that I don’t want to see, then I can influence it.

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