If this isn't a selfie, what is it?

My camera and lens took this photo in Iceland, of a poster of the same camera and lens. If it isn’t a selfie, I am not sure what it is called. Especially for @Laundromat, @AiDon, and all of the other Canon fans.

Processed with AI Clean, Basic Adjustments (which worked really well here) and HSL Color Tuning

Here is my first version, where I clicked on AI Remix instead of AI Clean by mistake, and liked the results so I worked on that (with Dual color as well)



Thank you very much, @AiDon!

Like the first camera/lens selfie and how the ReMix version came out while still maintaining the focus on the poster as the main subject.

Great find Ken! I like both versions.

Thank you for the very nice comments, @cre8art and @Laundromat, I really appreciate them.

Peter - I thought you would enjoy seeing a poster of your new camera.

that did take some masking work… :smile:

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Yes, absolutely Ken. Last and only time I was in Reykjavik I did not have any digital camera :slight_smile:

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Accidental Art! I love it.


You should definitely go to Iceland again, @Laundromat, I know that I want to!

Thank you very much, @JoeLib, I had fun taking it