If I have Photo AI - Do I still need Sharpen and Denoise

Have have the full suite of Topaz Labs programs… Photo AI, De Noise AI, Sharpen AI and others - Does Photo AI do everything DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI do? Or, should I use them before using Photo AI?

Great question.

Photo AI combines the functionalities of Sharpen, Denoise, and Gigapixel. You do not need to use the individual apps prior to using Photo AI.

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Photo AI is supposed to do most things of the earlier separate Apps and thus can replace them - still sometimes the old Apps do it better than Photo AI (e.g. Gigapixel sometimes does a better job upscaling than Photo AI), so if you’re not quite happy with Photo AIs result it’s worth to try the older legacy App.

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I also have the whole suite and even though they say Photo AI does it all in one app I find myself never using it. I use it first (because it seems like a new version is out every week) and every time the results are never good or come out overdone or not enough. Even if I just use one function like denoise or sharpen it’s never as good. So I always find myself using Denoise AI and Sharpen AI separately and they are noticeably better (maybe its my workflow or what I shoot but Photo AI has been a waste).

My worry is that they’re going to think Photo AI is way better and drop De Noise and Sharpen. To be honest I still feel the original non “AI” versions were better or at least consistent. Now it’s hit and miss and maybe the reason why the separate AI versions seem better now is because they don’t update and change them as much. Anyway, I still find myself using the other two although I try Photo or give it another shot at least every time a new version comes out. Seems worse now and slow. The good news nothing crashes like before so that’s a plus.


I have the suite and was considering the photo AI with the Christmas sale. After reading your post I think I will wait another year or two for them to sort out their issues.

I’m still using Photo AI version 1.3. It was definitely inferior to using Denoise and Sharpen separately (for me). Is this still the case with Version 2? Is it worth the upgrade?

Still the case, in my experience. Certainly Sharpen AI is better than PAI, on the images I have tried them both.

Thanks Ray. I downloaded the trial photo AI 2, and I agree with you.

And perhaps it’s because I do primarily (but not solely) nature in all aspects, that it appears to work extremely well. I haven’t yet had the need for using the older individual apps rather than AI. The only thing that I miss is the sharpen edges from Apple Photos. There are times it tweaks an image, after using AI, just right. Not always, but sometimes.