Idea: Two versions of Photo AI. Professional and Non Pro. Charge Appropriately

There seems to me to be a wide disparity between two types of users on this forum. I personally believe the majority of Photo AI users are blowing up grandma’s face and other non critical, dabbling type uses.

I suspect these users are Topaz’s bread and butter folks. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, I sense because Topaz may be focused on hobby level folks, the working level, pro users are perhaps getting sold short on development time, given they are likely a minority.

There are us pro level users who require proper batch, speed, blurry issues fixed, totally off settings for auto pilot, high end new feature development, or whatever else has been asked for from pro users.

I don’t know about the other pro users, ***but I personally would be willing to pay a pro level price if there were a pro level Photo AI, where development and bug fixing was top priority for that version and issues/new pro features got resolved quickly.

And, on Topaz’s end they had money coming in from the higher priced version to justify getting pro level development done.**

Or, maybe for the pro version, rather than a higher price, Topaz has a more frequent renewal fee.

Is this possible? Would other pro users or Topaz like this idea?

As it is now, I believe one Photo AI ring to rule over them all isn’t working out right.

Also, having a higher priced or more frequent renewal fee for a pro version might aid in showing Topaz how many pro users they have or don’t have.

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@devenpsc This is an interesting idea, I’m actually quite curious to see other users’ thoughts.

We aim to develop for the pro user in general but currently don’t have the capacity to do everything at once. Our next major update, v2.0, has some impressive new features for professional photographers and image editors as well as fixes to persistent bugs that I think you’ll be very happy about.

Thanks again for your feedback!

I sensed this was the case for a while now. I understand money flows where attention goes, which as stated above, I assume is to the likely majority of hobby level users.

I am glad to hear more professional features are forthcoming.

Anyway, the two types of users I feel are quite divergent and Photo AI is such a potentially big deal in the years ahead, of what it can do now or in the future, that imo, there should be two quite differing developments of its capabilities.

With the casual user version regularly being made easier and more fun for that type of usage, at a casual user price point.

And with the pro version regularly being modified more deeply for professional needs, and with Topaz charging what is required to offer that sort of development.

I don’t want to be the guy crying for pro features and not willing to pay more for them. Business doesn’t work that way.

This idea seems like a practical solution vs trying to please the diverse needs of differing groups with one version.

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Totally understand the angle you’re coming from and I’m glad you see our perspective as well.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some exciting new updates coming for professional users in the coming months!