ICE Image Stitching Software

Pierre @m.pierrealarie mentioned using MS ICE for his recent composite images. ICE - Image Composite Editor - is a free MicroSoft program. It’s fast and very easy to use. It doesn’t always stitch successfully, but I’ve found if it doesn’t it’s due to not enough overlap or having an overly crooked frame in the set. Anyway, I recommend it, especially for quick work. It lacks the sophisticated controls of for-pay stitching software or open source like Hugin (I use this and ICE), but again it’s so easy to use and fast.

This image is made of over 40 frames from my 6 meg D40. The dimensions are 10210X6320 pixels, so over 60 megapixels. The frames were JPGs right from the camera. It was just a quick experiment years ago after finding ICE on-line. I did this completely handheld and snapped off all the images in just a few minutes.

Note too, I heavily compressed this at quality level 15 to get down to just over 3 megabytes for upload, so it’s a bit funky, but it gives you an idea what ICE can handle. The original JPG is a bit over 12 MB.

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Very impressive demonstration !