I think a bit of compassion needs to happen

Eric Yang

I suggest in this turbulent time, you might reconsider your business model until the World gets back on its collective feet. And that will not be August 2020

Please send emails to each of your once loyal customers about this unwelcome news of paid updates. Updates that are updated are supposed to be good. But when they are released early, only to create artifacts and other unwelcome effects, they are not updates. You are releasing products too early and this has been a problem for years. Beta testers tell you it is too soon, but you go ahead anyway.

I only found out about this paid updates, because a webinar I tried to enter would not happen, and I logged onto Topaz Discussion to check.

You have not sent me an email about the betrayal of ‘free upgrades forever’. Perhaps you might be closed down due to COVID-19. I certainly hope everyone is well.

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