I suggest adding a dynamic speed change to Video Enhance AI

I want to once again thank the developers for the new, unique in quality and implementation, the video slowing function that appeared in the latest (2.3.0) version of the Video Enhance AI.
Yes, not all the bugs have been fixed yet, there is a problem with sound desynchronization, but the video quality is fantastic.
Previously, one could only dream of such a thing.
At the beginning of the two thousandth years, there were attempts to create something similar, but the technologies of that time did not allow creating a convenient and fast program.
However, as I remember, the program “RealViz Retimer” allowed you to smoothly change the speed of the video according to the Bezier curves.
The program existed as a separate product, as well as as a plug-in to the video editor.
On the timeline, you could select a certain segment of the video and apply a plugin to it.
The video speed gradually decreased or increased, and then gradually returned to the standard.
Accordingly, the sound on the processed segment of the video was simply deleted.
And by the way, no one complained about it.
I propose to supplement future versions of the Video Enhance AI with such functionality.
Sure that this function will be in demand.

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Cool feature request – but it seems there are tools to do that for you already. Meanwhile, just increase the frame rate with VEAI – render it, then use your video editor to speed up or down how you want.

In order for the pole vaulter to “hang” in the sky above the bar, you will have to increase the speed of the entire video clip in VEAI by 10-20 or more times. The question is what size the output file will be and whether the video editor will be able to provide a smooth deceleration of the speed that the Bezier curves provided in RealvizRetimer. However, we must try. Thanks for the idea.