I propose to supplement the program "DeNoiseAI" with extended functionality

I am engaged in scanning and retouching old negative photographic films and slides. Black and white and colored.
I understand that today this is not the most popular feature for “DeNoiseAI”.
It is commonly believed that" demand creates supply", but does this always happen?
Some time ago, you doubted whether to introduce the deinterlacing function in the “VEAI” program,
and even arranged a survey of users on this topic.
At that time, I wrote that this is a promising direction and there are a lot of people in the world who will be happy to buy your program,
to give new life to archived videos taken with old video cameras with interlacing.
I was then thanked for my enthusiasm.
However, see what happens.
With the release of the latest version of “VEAI” version 1.9.0, everyone is talking about it.
That is, until there was an easy-to-use program that effectively eliminates interlacing, this work was reserved only for professionals and enthusiasts.
But as soon as you created such a program, it began to rapidly gain popularity among ordinary people.
I suggest that you supplement the program “DeNoiseAI” with similar functionality.
Add to the program models focused on the processing of old photos, negatives and slides, damaged, with scratches and stains,
and you will see among the buyers of your program a lot of people who previously did not even think about this possibility for the reason
that such a program did not exist.
This is an example of when supply creates demand.
And I repeat once again: people are very sensitive to their past and are willing to pay to return it, even in this way.

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