I have questions About a product

I am trying to contact Support because I have questions about The Photo AI. I am trying to decided which product is best for me.

I was thinking of purchasing the Topaz Photo Ai but I wanted to know what was included in it. Is that an all in of the other three( Sharpen Ai, Gigapixel AI, And Denoise Ai). Or is it something all together?

I am looking to enhance and edit photos for a print on demand business I run. I have been using a free trial of Gigapixel and have been pretty happy with how the pictures have come out.

I have tried to find a email to contact support but I haven’t been able to find one. Could someone provided a customer service email? Also the difficulty in finding a customer service rep is very off-putting. I have tried the Contact Us button but it only ever brings me to the documents page.

Topaz Photo AI includes options for denoise, sharpen, upscaling, improving faces and text as well as removing parts of the image and doing basic brightness and color correction. Please write to support@topazlabs.com. :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-12-21 211342

If you read the User Guide on the Documents page it outlines the functionality of Photo AI …

And, if you click on the blue callout on the page you can click Ask on the panel to raise a support request …

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Okay. Thank you for that information as well as the email address.

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Thanks for that. See that button wasn’t appearing at all. After your screenshot, I tried switching browsers and the button appeared in a different browser. I have no idea why it didn’t work on the Firefox browser but it didn’t. So I tried Chrome and it popped right up.

Firefox is the problem because of the fact the help dialog it is a popup, you need to allow popup’s.

Thank you for that information. I got it working now.