I am new to photo editing, looking for tutorials

I am disabled Veteran and decided to learn Wildlife photography to distract me from PTSD issues, I am new to DSLR cameras, Lightroom Classic, and Topaz Labs.

I use a Nikon D500 and mostly a Nikon 500mm PF or Sigma 150-600mm lens. 80% of my images are either sunrise or sunset low light periods.

My normal work flow is copy files from card to storage drive, format the card once back in camera, Load Lightroom Classic and import the days images, do a quick scan to delete the blurriest images then select the ones I wish to edit.

My Normal edit is Auto WB Tone either As Shot or Auto, then open as a TIFF copy in DeNoise AI and most of the time Low Light setting is applied. (I ONLY use the default settings at this time. I do not touch the sliders at all) I pick the clearest version with just a touch of noise if I think I need to run it through Sharpen AI. then back to Lightroom to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, whites, shadows and blacks, then export to an edited folder as a .jpg to post on facebook. I am so new I at this time do not know what else to do.

Are there any recommended tutorials, YouTube, facebook pages, on using Lightroom with TopazLabs for wildlife photography?

There probably are not any specific tutorials on using LR with the Topaz products for wildlife photography but if you search for say “using DeNoise aim for wildlife photography” you will get hits on YouTube and the Topaz tutorials page.

If you are using Sharpen AI do the same search but change the product.

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Thanks, So much to learn so few brain cells LOL. I do hope to at least do decent photos someday.

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Search for tutorials by Anthony Morganti. He’s done many LR\Topaz tutorials.

Thank you, still new to all this, I feel like my old computer (i7 8700k, 64GB ram and GTX-1080) is too slow and trying to decided between a newer intel i9, 3080TI system or get my first Mac system with a new Mac Studio M1-Max with 32GB ram. (The Mac Studio I can afford now, but a decent pc any more cost 2-3x what it did when I bought my last one).

I have a i7-7700HQ, 16GB, GTX-1050/4GB and it isn’t too slow. It may mean your drivers are out of date.

Hmmm, I have an app that checks drivers daily… My liquid cpu cooler died awhile back maybe I damaged the cpu before I bought my air cooler.