How to use Sharpen AI

I am fairly new to using Sharpen AI V 3.1.0. I have tried it by itself, and also from within Photoshop Elements 2021. I have a photo taken with my Canon 90D and also my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens at 1200mm using my Sigma 2.0 Tele-Extender

I have tried moving the two sliders “Remove Blur” and “Suppress Noise” on the craters in top left corner. Doing only this I do not see any changes in the focus of my image.

I took this image on a very sturdy Manfrotto tripod and using a trigger release so there should not have been a movement of my camera or tripod.

What am I doing wrong? I know there are other settings within Sharpen AI but I do not know how to use them.

Here is my image from Flickr, if you click on the filename (Moon 4X4) at bottom that will take you to Flickr. At Flickr click on the image to see it full image - move your mouse around to see full image.

If any one here wishes to show me how much better this image can look using Sharpen AI you have my permission to download my image from Flickr

Moon 4X4 by inspeqtor, on Flickr

Thank you

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