How To unistall

how I uninstall the program to try to install again. Because its not working good. And is another version.

Its not working only the face. But don’t work with the body or all of them.

this is a common issue still. faces are improved seperately, so play around with other settings like denoise, which often adds also details, or sharpen!

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What are you using GigaPixel for, as this is at least the second time on this image. Under setting you have a slider for compression … try that and don’t use standard v2 try using low resolution model.

Thank but its look like the program dont download all the model. This is happen sins I update the program.

Please reach out to support so we can troubleshoot this more effectively. There will be a chat box that pops up and allows you to send an email.

Also, You can download previous versions of Gigapixel from here.