How to Stabilize without Entire Video Shifting/Bouncing/Moving?


Pardon my lack of using professional or proper wording. When running Stabilization AI on a video, the actual footage will stabilize but the frame or entire video will bounce around.


  • Full Frame, no Rolling Shutter Correction or Reduce Jittery Motion
  • Full Frame, Rolling Shutter Correction enabled and Reduce Jittery Motion disabled
  • Full Frame, Rolling Shutter Correction disabled or Reduce Jittery Motion enabled
  • Full Frame, Rolling Shutter Correction and Reduce Jittery Motion enabled
  • Same combination for Auto-Crop

Link to YouTube video with each combination but 1.

Not sure I am doing anything wrong, missing some important bit of information or a setting to use.

Thanks in advance.

The original video have black border around it. I recommend you remove/crop the black border with any video editing software first, before stabilize in VAI.

If you do not want to crop the black border first, you may also try set stablization to auto-crop and increase the strength value as high as possible to see whether the black border is still visible or not.

Using the in-app Crop tool should also resolve this issue. Try removing the pillarbox/letterbox and then running full-frame stabilization.

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@lhkjacky & @tony.topazlabs - Appreciate the suggestions. Tried Auto-Crop passes and strength experiments and seemed to work. Also tried the in-app Crop Tool and worked great. Thanks!