How to Renew the expired App

Hi Topaz Team

Hope you are doing well

I have been using all of the topaz apps except the AI Video which I don’t use /own , but all the were expired on 28 Dec 2023 and I have been also out of touch due to my domestic commitments . would like to please tell me how to renew ,is there any bundle deal for renewal ,


Welcome to the forums. You are speaking to other users here, not to Topaz (although some staff do post from time to time).
The only products that are continuing in development are Photo AI and Gigapixel. You are unlikely to need the latter if you have the former. Unfortunately, you did miss out on a special valentines offer for PAI, but if you contact Support direct they might take pity on you and give you a good deal. Otherwise the renewal cost is about 99USD I believe, a lot more if you are purchasing for the first time.

Thank you so much for the suggested way forward . My apologies that i addressed as Topaz Team . My problem has been resolved.