How to Photograph a Total Eclipse of the Sun

I live very close to the path of the total eclipse in the US and am not sure what I will do, probably will use wide angle to catch landscape and peoples reactions


If your close to path then you will be lucky enough to photograph it . Please use a proper filter if you photograph the sun directly but there is a 2 minute time span at center of eclipse that the filter can be taken off and capture the sun . but before and after that time span you can damage your eyes permanently looking at the sun through your cameras view finder . I’ve done partial eclipse with my scope and camera and if you want a very good read of how to properly photograph the eclipse here’s a link in a forum i’m on that is all excited and waiting for the eclipse to happen . Long read but a lot of great info to learn !

I would like to emphasise Ron’s comments about taking care of your own eyes. Even just looking at the sun can damage the optic nerve without doing this through a camera. But enjoy and be prepared for the folk around you to be a little mad/spooked/emotional when the eclipse becomes total. Enjoy.

Thanks for the link, @ronlhodges, I learned a lot reading it. I will be in the partial eclipse but I do not think I will be able to drive to the total eclipse - but there is another one in the USA in only 7 short years :wink:

And I do appreciate @AngieD’s point - I would not want to damage my vision!

I called this effort “Totality” - I perhaps should add that “truthality” is suspect!!! :smiley:

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What is this suppose to be ? Too much light for a totality eclipse .

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