How to make a Dodge & Burn tool preset in Studio

If you like using Dodging and Burning in your images you can create your own Dodge & Burn brushes.

First you have to make 2 separate Tone Curves layers_
1_ for Dodging and 1_ for Burning
After making these 2 Tone Curve Adjustments just Save the preset for each as per the details below.

*Remember to Invert the mask to Black for both and paint with a White brush with the settings described.

This technique was created with the collaboration of myself and @ShazzyCo working together to make this possible till Topaz adds these tools to Studio in the future.

We both hope you find them useful in your Studio workflow and on your images.


Great idea, thank you for posting this

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thanks for posting

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Thanks much for this Sharon and John @ShazzyCo @cre8art

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Your welcome @Ricci, @el48tel, @Laundromat and everyone that Liked the info, we both hope you find this info useful in your workflow.

@cre8art @ShazzyCo Brilliant! Thank you for sharing

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